Amethyst Face Roller


Amethyst Facial Roller

Calm the mind and enhance the effectiveness of your beauty routine with the Amethyst Face Roller. Designed to be used as a tool to promote circulation and encourage skin cell rejuvenation. This face roller will also help to combat puffiness and water retention. Made from Amethyst, a stone to bring a sense of calm and promote healing and balance

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Product Info

Amethyst Face Roller is a beautiful way to treat yourself to a massage while applying your facial serum or oils to encourage better product absorption, improve the skin tone and a radiant complexion


Amethyst Rolling Benefits

·Improves blood circulation

·Promotes lymphatic drainage

·Improves skin elasticity

·Reduce puffiness & wrinkles

·Reduce dark under eye circles

·Eliminate toxins

·Tightens & reduces pores

·Healing, relaxing, reduce inflammation


How to Use

Use daily after applying your face serum or oils to your clean face, neck, decolletage. Using the wide end of the roller, start at the jawline, massage with a little pressure in an upward outward direction 5-10 times. Use the narrow end around the eye area, brow bone and under the eye area



Handle your face roller with care, dropping the tool can cause it to crack, break or become damaged



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