Med – Large Raw Black Tourmaline


Protection / Grounding / Calm

Black tourmaline is a highly powerful and protective stone. It is a very good stone to have around your house, as it cleanses and purifies and has the ability to protect / block negative energies. Its a highly grounding stone focused on the root chakra it holds a powerful Earth healing energy and promotes a sense of balance and calm and also forms a protective shield around the body. It’s basically like having your own personal bodyguard on duty no matter where you place it .Tourmaline is also great for placing near appliances that are emitting EMF it will absorb the smog


Approx size 5 – 10cm




Places to put your black tourmaline are near the front and back doors of your home to protect unwanted energies from entering your home. Place one in each 4 corners of your home .Place beside Televisions, microwaves, computers and wi fi devices like your router, to absorb electromagnetic smog

Cleansing your Crystals

It is important to cleanse your crystals regularly to return it to its natural state, the best ways to cleanse your crystals are as follows

•The simplest way is to place on the windowsill under the moon, a full moon preferably

•Smokeless cleanse, by using our Smokeless Palo Santo Intention Mist just as you would do with a smudge stick

Primary Chakras: Root
Astrological Signs: Capricorn


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