Satya – Palo Santo Incense


Palo Santo cleanses negative energy away and brings in the good. It evokes a deeper connection to the earth. It brings protection, blessings, love ,and good fortune. This incense has a much sweeter and subtler scent than our white sage whilst still being powerfully cleansing and purifying it is sweet smelling, fresh and woodsy



Directions for use

Light the fat end of the incense stick, wait for it to glow and then gently blow out the flame. Place it in our wooden incense holder, sit back and enjoy the wonderful fragrance

Size 15g (approx 12 sticks)

Burn time approx 45min


Benefits of burning incense

· space clearing

· calming

· de – stressing

· creativity

· increase levels of focus

· purifying

· mood elevating


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