Solar Plexus Chakra


  ‘ I am Powerful ’

Location: Above the navel

Imbalanced:  poor self esteem / sluggish/ fearful

Balanced: powervitalityspontaneous

Our premium Solar Plexus chakra blend has been formulated with 100% pure essential oils and is infused with Citrine to help strengthen self esteem, brings joy abundance and prosperity



It is important to remember that our chakras may never be perfectly balanced. The goal is to ensure that there is no blocked energy or imbalances in each chakra so energy can flow freely between them


100% pure essential oils grapefruit, bergamot, geranium, clary sage, melissa, orange, diluted in fractionated coconut oil

Infused with Citrine: a stone of joy and abundance



Apply to pulse points as needed

Above the navel, base of neck, temples, wrist, inner elbows, behind the ears, under the soles of the feet, for a slow release of aromatic blend


A patch test is recommended to determine allergic reaction or photo sensitivity

Discontinue use if irritation occurs

Consult with doctor if pregnant or nursing

Keep out of reach of children

Please keep out of direct sunlight and heat!

Heat and sunlight will alter and deteriorate the oils

lush n you is not responsible for any adverse reactions or misuse of this product


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